There’s only so many funny faces you can pull before you do yourself a serious injury. Which is exactly why we provide a box of fun props for you to use along with every photo booth – completely free! Whether you’ve always wanted to grow a moustache but can’t quite manage one or you’ve always fancied yourself as a rockstar but never took guitar lessons, our mix of props can help you live out your dreams and capture the whole experience on film!

Product Description

  • Big geeky glasses
  • Large antique frame (guests can frame themselves)
  • Mardi gras mask and beads (multiple colors for variety)
  • Hawaiian leis (again multiple colors)
  • Classy black top hat
  • Fake mustache on stick (different styles on several sticks)
  • Got to have the mullet wig (business in front and party in the booth)
  • Foam fingers
  • Princess crown and sash (pageant style)
  • Feather boas
  • Chalk board for messages
  • Dry erase speech bubble
  • Inflatable guitars & microphones
  • Blowup animals
  • Plastic Ball and Chain
  • Roman Battle Helmet
  • Neon gangster hats
  • Straw hat
  • & Much More

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